What is Profit from Instagram?

My name is Chris Jones. I created ProfitfromInstagram.com to share how I launched my activewear company back in 2014 using nothing but my iPhone and a free Instagram account.

The guides I publish on this site are quite long and go into great detail. I share not only the exact steps I followed to create a successful store, but also the logic I applied to arrive at those steps. I encourage readers to see the guide(s) not simply as a process to memorize by rote, but as a complete system for thinking about and executing your business.

The original “Profit from Instagram” guide was adapted from a lengthy comment I posted in the Shopify forums. I got so many emails in response to that post (in fact, I continue to receive emails from it even now) I decided it should be published in a space of its own.

So I did. I recommend that you start there:

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Generating Ecommerce Sales from Instagram

That post ripped through social media, generating hundreds of shares and comments, and of course, even more questions. One of the most popular questions I got was on how I generated original, professional instagram content without spending any money out of pocket.

I answered that question (as well as many others) in my second guide:


The Ultimate DIY Hack to Breathtaking Product Photography Is… Don’t DIY

A few days after publishing this guide, Shopify selected it to be included in their daily digest of ecommerce advice. In it I share the most effective method for generating truly professional product photos without spending any money.

In my latest guide I go back to beginning, before I had a product idea or even knew what niche I wanted to serve. I share the exact process I followed to choose a profitable niche on my first try, and I share the story of how that process allowed me to start getting sales almost effortlessly. I can feel your skepticism coming out; I don’t blame you.

This guide challenges the widely accepted, yet faulty, method for selecting a product niche, and it promises to cause many readers to realize they’re selling the wrong product to the wrong people. If you don’t want your business turned upside down, don’t read this guide.

niche selection 2

The One-Step Test for Instant Product Validation

It’s getting me lots of hate mail, but it seems to be helping about as many people as it’s pissing off, so I consider it a net win.

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Hope you enjoy,

Chris Jones